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Getting to St. Catherine

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checklist: what to bring!
About the region: South Sinai
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St. Catherine, El Milga
South Sinai EGYPT

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Check list: what to bring

Walking boots The ground is rough and broken so be prepared for rough walking, a non-leather pair of shoes with ankle support is the best.
Sandals/flip flops These are a must. Most people wear them 50% of the time and are ideal for the heat, and around camp. For rough approaches we advise to use closed shoes and trainers.
Socks Whatever you normally use back home.
Long trousers Light weight to wear on the hot days and to protect your legs from mosquitoes.
Shorts If you choose to wear shorts we ask the ladies to please keep shorts to the knee in respect towards our hosts.
Fleece/Sweater Always nice to have. It will be windy and cool in the evenings, although too hot to wear during the day in the summer.
Cold weather gear This will be necessary for the evening, as it does get windy. Warm hats are also advised.
Hat For sun protection. This is essential.
Towel Or sarong.
Sunglasses You don’t need expensive ones but make sure that they are UV protective as you will spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun.
Swimwear You may be lucky to find water pools in the mountains.
Torch and batteries The new LED head lamps are great. The batteries abroad are not always the best and we always recommend rechargeable.
Sleeping Bag A 3+ season bag is most useful. It is easy to make a warm sleeping bag cooler, but a lot harder to keep warm in a cool one. Get a 2 season bag if coming here in the summer months.
Sleeping bag liner These are essential especially in hot climates where any type of sleeping bag is too warm.
Pen knife Very good idea to bring one.
Sunscreen and Total Block NO tanning lotion!! Believe us, you will tan even by wearing factor 30.
Insect Repellent One containing 30% DEET is good. We will have mosquitoes when staying in St. Catherine’s village and in the mountain gardens. A mosquito net is useful.
Camera, film and batteries If you use a digital camera then bring a charger plug adapter to use in St. Catherine’s village. Also bring a ziplock bag to protect your camera even while taking pictures as fine sand will quickly ruin it.
Batteries As already mentioned most batteries bought abroad are terrible, so bring a supply along.

Bring one or two and once finished can be rotated around the rest of the team.


Guide: trekking in SinaiA book worth having is "Sinai Trekking And Safari: the complete route guide with GPS waypoints." It features all the main routes in the Sinai mountains and desert, wich you can also view in Google Earth and Google Maps. A great resource to plan a trek and learn about Bedouin life. Find out more!


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