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Getting to St. Catherine
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About the region: South Sinai
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A Camel trek in Sinai "Our route up into the mountains was steep but on a substantial path. As we toiled up, we could see one of our two camels below as it followed us. At the high point of the pass we sat for a while beside the remains of an old leopard trap before making a gentle descent into a region where the valley base was lined with walled orchards or bustans. The date was early February and many of the trees were covered in blossom."

World Heritage sites in panography - Sainte Catherine Monastery "The WHTour is a non-profit org documenting in panographies (360-degree imaging) all sites registered on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. [...] This is for people who are willing to know more about the natural and cultural heritage of our world in order to share, enjoy and protect it for future generations. "
· Source: WHTour

Pseudophilotes sinaicus, Nakamura, 1975 "Sinai Baton Blue [butterfly] is endemic to the St. Katherine's Protectorate in South Sinai (Egypt). It is found between about 1,700 m to 2,400 m asl, it has one generation per year (April - July) and is arguably the smallest butterfly in the world."
To know more about: http://www.mjwild.com/

The Rock Climbing Atlas "The trad climbing in Egypt is amazing. The finger or hand jamming cracks go up hundreds of metres with endless views over the desert. Climbing these routes is real pioneering as the areas are so big there are always lines which have never been climbed before. But there are also bolted routes and countless granite boulders to be found. Climbing in this wild environment is for those who favour the unknown to its uttermost."

Climbing in Santa Catherine area in South Sinai "The represented information is based on the many years of experience of the famous Israeli climber Andrea Anati. Many thanks to him!
To navigate this site it is recommended that you start from the Interactive schema of climbing areas page containing links to pictures of main climbing walls (with routes). Every route has its own index (i.e. E21), that can also be found in List of climbing routes. Some descriptions of routes can be located by clicking on a route from List or by clicking on index from schemas."

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