El Milga Beduin Camp

El Milga Bedouin Camp is a nice place in the village of Sant Katherine. Five minutes only from the bus station, 3 kms from the Monastery and just behind the Office for the trekking, you are close to everything.

The word El Milga means "the place for meeting", because in the past, when the bedouins lived under tents out in the mountains and wadis, it was the place for the yearly meeting of the Gebeliya Tribe. Nowadays it is still the place to have any information about Saint Katherine or to solve any problems. Foreigners and Bedouins stay together in a friendly atmosphere.

The camp is composed of many clean double and single rooms, and two dormitory rooms. There are clean bathrooms and showers at three location close to the rooms.

There is also some place to put the tents, self-service kitchen and restaurant, washing facilities and an international phone.

El Milga Beduin Camp can receive groups of up to 50 people, and we make fire outside at night to enjoy the evening. And if you need, we can prepare special partyswith traditional Bedouin music and meals.

Rooms at El Milga Bedouin Camp