Bedouin Camp 'El Milga'
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South Sinai EGYPT

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Yoga and Meditation

There are many ideal places to relax, meditate or practice yoga. Guides will stay well away from your location and will only interrupt your peace when necessary (eg: meals).


trek hamatat bada
Hamatat el Bada

A secluded basin above Wadi Arbain, a holy place from where you can see Jebel Musa.


trek farsh safsafa
Farsh Rolf and Jebel Safsafa

Secluded basins with many ancient Orthodox chapels and views down on the surrounding wadis. Monks and hermits used to seek refuge here in the past.


trek w mathar
Wadi Shagg

A wide, open space with fine views of the surronding mountains, a Bedouin garden and several ancient hermit caves and stone huts.


trek wadi freah
Bustan el Birka

A wide, open space with fine views of the surronding mountains, a big garden in the middle and many well preserved byzantine ruins.


trek umm silla
Farsh Umm Seila

A mountain-top basin with fine views of the surronding mountains, and rock signs - rojoms - left by the people who visited this place.


trek ein nagila
Farsh Zaatar

A big basin close to the spring of Ein Nagila (Ein Najila), the ruins of an ancient Byzantine church and Jebel el Bab, "The Door of the World".

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