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About the region: South Sinai
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Mountain Tours Office, Sheikh Mousa
St. Catherine, El Milgah
South Sinai EGYPT

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Mountain Tours Office

Sheik Mousa and Sheik MousaThe beduins of the Gebeliya Tribe - 'the people of the mountains' - are the descendants of Macedonian people from Europe who were sent by Emperor Justinian to Sant Katherine to protect the Monastery. Since the sixth century AD, the Gebeliya (Jebeliya) live in the high mountains of Sinai, protecting the monastery and guiding people in need.

When the hiking tourism has begun, some problems appeared because the bedouins speaking good English were taking all the jobs. To solve these problems, Sheikh Mousa had a purpose to create a unique office for dealing with all the trekkings. With the agreement of all the tribe, it was decided that only the office can organise trekkings in the mountains, giving job to everybody by a system of turn.

Everybody, the guides, the camels and the cooks, have a number and can wait at their homes for the job, because Sheikh Mousa will call all of them for the tours. The tribe now feels very confortable with this system because everybody has the same job and they can preserve their traditionnal lives the other times.

With your bedouin guide you will discover the natural and cultural features, the traditionnal lifestyle which make this area unique.


Mt. Sinai walks

Mt. Sinai - Safsafa walk / 2 days

The best way to see this holy mountain and both sunset and sunrise is to sleep in Elijah's Basin... See details

Village tours

Hike and Handicraft / 1 day

Learn the local handicraft from the bedouin women, discover the culture and create your own small sugar bag... See details

Mountain trekking

The Palace of Abbas Pasha and the pool of Galt el Azraq / 4 days

Wadis, mountain vistas and a natural waterpool... See details

Desert safari Desert Safari and Mt.Sinai /4 days

Return trip from the coast, including the desert highlights and Mt. Sinai... See details
Mountain-desert combo 10-day trekking and desert safari

The first part of this program is trekking in the mountains, the second is jeep and walking safari in the desert... See details
Rock climbing Base camp at Jebel Ansila

This mountain can either be visited on a day-trip or we can set up a base camp at the foot in one of the gardens... See details
Mountain garden retreats Secret gardens walk / 3 days

We will vist the hidden jems of the mountains, secluded gardens... See details
Yoga and Meditation Farsh Rolf and Jebel Safsafa

Secluded basins with many ancient Orthodox chapels and views down on the surrounding wadis... See details
Religious Sites The Chapel of Climacos / 1 day

An Orthodox chapel in beautiful Wadi Itlah next to the cave where St. John the Ladder spent 40 years in solitude... See details
Events, entertainment Bedouin Party in the Blue Desert

The Blue Desert is a short ride away and we will reach the open plain with boulders painted blue shortly before sunset... See details
We can also tailor-make a program to suit your needs - please contact us.

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