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Sheikh Mousa

Hiking, trekking, safaris and other outdoor activities in the mountains and deserts of Sinai, Egypt
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Sheikh Mousa Bedouin Camp and Guest House

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What to bring

Walking boots - The ground is rough and broken so be prepared for rough walking, a non-leather pair of shoes with ankle support is the best.
Sandals/flip flops - These are a must. Most people wear them 50% of the time and are ideal for the heat, and around camp. For rough approaches we advise to use closed shoes and trainers.
Socks - Whatever you normally use back home.
Long trousers - Light weight to wear on the hot days and to hide from mosquitoes.
Shorts - If you chose to wear shorts we ask the ladies to please keep shorts to the knee in respect towards our hosts.
Fleece/Sweater - Always nice to have. It will be windy and cool in the evenings, although too hot to wear during the day in the summer.
Cold weather gear - This will be necessary for the evening, as it does get windy. Warm hats are also advised.
Hat - For sun protection. This is essential.
Towel - Or sarong.
Sunglasses - You don’t need expensive ones but make sure that they are UV protective as you will spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun.
Swimwear - You may be lucky to find water pools in the mountains.
Torch and batteries - The new LED head lamps are great. The batteries abroad are not always the best and we always recommend rechargeable.
Sleeping Bag - A 3+ season bag is most useful. It is easy to make a warm sleeping bag cooler, but a lot harder to keep warm in a cool one. Get a 2 season bag if coming here in the summer months.
Sleeping bag liner - These are essential especially in hot climates where any type of sleeping bag is too warm.
Pen knife - Very good idea to bring one.
Sunscreen and Total Block - NO tanning lotion!! Believe us, you will tan even by wearing factor 30.
Insect Repellent - One containing 30% DEET is good. We will have mosquitoes when staying in St. Catherine’s village and in the mountain gardens. A Mosquito net is useful.
Camera, film and batteries - If you use a digital camera then bring a charger plug adapter to use in St. Catherine’s village. Also bring a ziplock bag to protect your camera even while taking pictures as fine sand will quickly ruin it.
Batteries - As already mentioned most batteries bought abroad are terrible, so bring a supply along.
Books - Bring one or two and once finished can be rotated around the rest of the team.

Mountain Tours Office

St. Catherine, El Milgah
South Sinai EGYPT

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