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Hiking, trekking, safaris and other outdoor activities in the mountains and deserts of Sinai, Egypt
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Sheikh Mousa Bedouin Camp and Guest House

Mountain garden retreats

There are several hundred gardens in the high mountains, a tradition which goes back to early Byzantine times. Some of the gardens have been upgraded to provide better facilities for visitors. Although all gardens are beautiful, we have selected the most beautiful, tranquil and secluded places in spectacular natural settings for people who want to take it easy and relax. You can stay in a selected garden or take a walk to discover other places. Our garden walks will take you from one garden retreat to another at an easy pace, along the way seeing other sights of interest as well.

Bedouin gardens in the Sinai mountains

El Freish via Sid Daud or Wadi Talla / 1 day

The garden of el Freish can be visited along a very interesting route, passing an ancient monastery and several gardens before entering the hidden basin. The more advanterous can add a climb down the steep gully of Sid Daud. Lunch is in the garden and then you can relax in the garden or explore the surroundings. There are several look-out points around the basin at different points with spectacular views. The walk back to town is very short and we can return any time.

Bedouin gardens in the Sinai mountains

Secret gardens walk / 3 days

We will start climbing the pass of Abu Jeefa - a 30 to 50 minutes climb - and enter the high mountain wadis. We will pass by many gardens and have lunch in Wadi Shaq. In the afternoon we have the choice of smaller walks in the area or to climb Mt. Abbas Basha. Dinner and sleep in a garden retreat. The second day we will descend to Wadi Talah via Sid Daud or Seru, passing an ancient monastery. We will have lunch in El Freish garden. In the afternoon you can relax in the garden, explore the area or visit the Chapel of St. John Climacos. Dinner and sleep in El Freish. The third day we will relax in the area and return to town after lunch.

Bedouin gardens in the Sinai mountains

Secret gardens walk / 5 days

Along this walk we will make a circle around the high mountains and see its very varried highlights, while staying in beautiful gardens all along the way. The highlights include Farsh Gdemiyet, Mt. Abbas Basha, the canyon of Wadi Sagar, the waterpools of Kharazet el Shaq, Dr. Ahmed's herbal garden, Chapel of St. John Climacos and Monastery of Wadi Talah. Sleep in Wadi Shaq, Wadi Bulia, Wadi Abu Tuweita and El Freish.

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