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Getting to St. Catherine
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About the region: South Sinai
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Religious sites: ancient churches, monasteries and holy places

For those of you who are religious and want to visit the many holy places that the Sinai peninsula has to offer, our guides can lead you to quiet places for prayer and reflection. Note: chapels and monasteries are not open for the public. You can only see them from outside, unless you have made special arrangement with the Monastery of St. Catherine or its head office in Cairo.


The 3 Monasteries / 3 days

The most famous monastery, of course, is the Monastery of St. Katherine but there are another two beautiful monasteries with big olive groves and ancient buldings close to the village; the Monastery of Cosmas and Damianos and the Monastery of the Forty Martyrs. They are all set in beautiful sourroundings and can be visited as day trips from the village or as part of a hike involving camping out.

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The Chapel of St. John Climacos (Galeli Max) / 1 day

An Orthodox chapel in beautiful Wadi Itlah, built fairly recently next to the cave where St. John the Ladder spent 40 years in solitude. There are some Byzantine ruins along the way. An easy hike over good path.

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Olive tour / 3 days

A program passing by the Monastery of Cosmas and Damianos in Wadi Talah, spending the first night under the 800 years old sacred olives of the Jabaleya tribe in Wadi Zawatiin. Second day we will climb Mt. Katherine where the body of the martyr Katherina was discovered and a chapel built. Sleep in Wadi Arbain in a garden overlooking the Monastery of Forty Martyrs. Last day we will visit the holy sites on Jebel Safsafa before returning to town.

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Other important religious/archeological sites in the Sinai include:

· Farsh Abu Mahashur
· Deir Abu Magar
· Main el Raian
· Ein el Najila
· Deir Rommanet
· Deir Rumhan
· Deir Khodra
· Deir el Banat
· Jebel Tahoun

Some of these holy places are ruined, others are well preserved and a few are still active. We can organize trips to any of the locations.
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